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“Not one inch. In defense of the forest. Stop Cop City.”
Sticker by @NoBonzo in Victoria British Columbia in memory of Manuel Teran aka Tortuguita, a 26-year-old Atlanta Forest defender who was shot and killed by cops last week.

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I’m a frickin genius.

Context: my kid is mildly allergic to citric acid and citric fruit. Brings out eczema. And citric acid is in SO many things. And it’s painful checking ingredients lists for it.

This morning I wondered: can my phone OCR the ingredients list and check it?

My first thought was to make a little web app. But there doesn’t seem to be a OCR in web browsers yet.

But I KNOW my phone can get text from images.


Apple Shortcuts!!!


The rain here is crazy. Got 2 inches in a few hours and still pouring.

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Social networks are not just about how many people use it, but *who* uses it.

Part of Twitter's appeal was that you could directly talk to CEOs, politicians, and celebrities.

Twitter has always been smaller than Facebook, but it was more impactful on a per capita basis because of this.

What I'm noticing is that people who actively build technology have moved en masse to the Fediverse—that has repercussions.

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Stop saying I ‘created’ people like Marjorie Taylor Greene. That’s asinine. She was created in a meth lab.

It's amazing that has psychologically conditioned people to just keep every email they receive versus deleting them once read or unneeded. Makes it easier for them to crawl emails to target ads.

The downside of is when people start a whole new project to do the same thing as 5 other mature projects instead of just contributing. A wasteland left of Archived GitHub projects.

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I nominate John Mastodon as the compromise candidate for Speaker of the House.

So the guys charged with attacks on four power substations in Washington were found using cellphone data. They were not the most tech-savvy domestic terrorists, luckily.

Hiding from all the Rose Bowl people today. It is a yearly tradition to avoid all of the parade and football game tourists.

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Found an #OpenSource alternative for Graze. With FediAct you can follow, favorite and boost on another server. Available for Chrome and Firefox: #Mastodon #MastodonTips

Always those little holiday projects become all-consuming big projects by day 2.

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