After many years of upgrading the 'ol Dell made room for the new HP.

Musk Birdsite 

Let me see if I am getting this right...

- Birdsite bought by Musk. Guts the moderation teams among others
- Tesla in bed with Officials.
- content on is drown out in NSFW spam
- No comment from Musk on China

Musk claims to be a free speech advocate. You can't make this stuff up.

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I said that Mastodon moderation wouldn't scale, I was wrong. The cultural differences will likely continue to maintain a friendlier atmosphere regardless of size.

I like . I used to keep a USB on a key chain with MultibootUSB, but it was a pain to keep updated. Now with Ventoy, drag over ISOs every few months. Also, roll my own version of with everything in it using

I don't use often but they actually make you log into to get your BitLocker key to decrypt a hard drive?

That instills confidence.

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My observations for today:

- Always bake your own Docker images instead of using Docker Hub. Many Hub images are full of high-scoring CVEs.

- Docker pull using SHA over tags.

- Run your registry with local, Gitlab or

- Scan your containers with or (both work with Gitlab)

Got any more to add to the list???

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We are considering removing NSFW posts from local/public and network timelines.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us decide!

Consider boosting this poll to help reach as many people as possible.

#pixelfed #askFedi

Also, a reminder to protect privacy use as a recursive DNS server on since any upstream you use can track your DNS queries. This is how people who do not use still fall into their tracking by using the four 8s DNS they make memorable.

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Everyone should be running on their home network. I had to redo my running it this weekend and saw what life is like without it. Truly scary the ads all over I take for granted not seeing them.

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We're starting to see a wave of suspensions of anti fascist accounts all over Twitter. Yesterday, it was the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club. Today, it was Chad Loder. It's clear Twitter is now targeting the accounts of ideological opponents of the far right.

Anyone know of some good and useful accounts on Mastodon? Asking for a friend.

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