Working on putting together a Github repo and docs for deploying a scalable stack on cloud providers using . I usually avoid cloud focused orchestration like CloudFormation since Terraform allows for making small changes to use another cloud provider if needed. Cloud lockin is a real problem.

Popular servers moving away from a monolithic installs is key to scaling and keeping costs down. Any people interested in contributing?

Working on getting an initial repo setup. Will share here. Thanks for all the interest!

Have launched using the initial versions of automation discussed here. Will post Github once clean up a bit for anyone to contribute.

@jascha Looking forward to checking this out. Also TF > CF 😎

I'm a fan of ansible as a service. i.e. a github repo that maintains ansible playbooks for setting up and updating various services.
That way we can have economies of scale without seeding control to one central admin.
I pull from the repo and then play the playbook using my own credentials.

(example is the matrix-docker-ansible-deploy repo )

@cobordism I like Ansible as well. Usually use Terraform for the Infrastructure as Code portions and Ansible for Instance management. They go well hand in hand for more immutable infrastructure.

@jascha +1 for interest. I was looking into starting something similar, this weekend.

@jascha interested

I kind of expect, from what little I have seen, for the cloud costs to be pretty high, even for a small micro instance-- but would be happy to be proven wrong here.

I've been doing AWS CF for many years and Google deployments for about a year. Some linode and digital ocean experience sprinkled in.

Make a github. Will contribute.

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