The downside of is when people start a whole new project to do the same thing as 5 other mature projects instead of just contributing. A wasteland left of Archived GitHub projects.

This is the way to start:
1. First copy
2. Copy some more
3. Understand the code
4. Remix the code
5. Invent your "own" stuff

Also valid for any martial art

@jascha I kinda see that as a feature. It's survival of the fittest, we're seeing the evolution of software, multitudes must go extinct so that a few may thrive!

@TechpriestBaunach I agree. Was just thinking of the effort in time spent to learn more (still a benefit) but minus the longer-term contribution with the same time spent. Always amazing the time spent to make any project.

@jascha I am not a programmer but I will guess at one reason this happens - it is much easier for programmers to write their own code than to guess what someone else's sparsely commented or uncommented code is doing.

@Lunatech @jascha Exactly that. In fact, I've never seen a single comment in any open-source project's code that I wanted to modify or contribute to.

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