Those that can build. Those that can't build start a fund.

I am liking Hashicorp Packer lately. The plugins make life a bit easier with on-prem and cloud.

The issue with a Digital Dollar is how wallets would be tracked. Being able to track every dollar you have, where it goes, and taxed is scary.

It's sad when Twitter embraces the likes of dictators and Ted Cruz as champions of the cause.

@stemy @feditips a lot of the underlying tech is good. the hype, fomo, fud cycles are far from good.

There is some irony in fans calling themselves LUNAtics

@fabio only if you think they want to slash earnings in exchange for people's privacy. 😂

Can get most crypto now during 1/2 off Sale!

If you liked BTC at 60k you'll love it at 35k, no wait...30k. 😂

We had a server issue earlier today that is now resolved.

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