Apparently Reddit is still looking to become a publicly traded company. That will bring ads everywhere and increasing toxicity because the algorithms will be tuned for that.

When are people going to be moving to Lemmy like they did with Twitter?

Alphonso Davies on the bench for Bayern Munich again... Is it time for him to look for a move?

Lewis O'Brien of Nottingham Forest F.C. is looking for a loan and Major League Soccer is a potential destination with Toronto FC being mentioned.

This field is perfect for getting these players experience for CONCACAF World Cup qualifying!

Hello friends! is still a pretty new instance and, as such, needs some help to federate more widely. Please boost this post and help us out.

This instance is part of the #MastodonFC or #Soccerdon world, dedicated to Canadian Soccer (#CanSoc). Whether it's #CMNT, #CWNT, the Canadian Premier League (#CPL), League1 Canada (#PLSQ, #L1O, #L1BC), Canadian teams in #MLS, Canadian Players across the world, or even amateur soccer in #Canada, this is the place to be.

It looks like Toronto FC are choosing Jiminez over Akinola for their preseason game. That looks like the starting lineup other than Osorio in for Kaye or Vasquez sometimes.

We put down our family dog after 15 years yesterday. it has been a lot more difficult than I expected. She has been with us basically for mine and my wife's relationship and through the life of our children. She will be missed! 😢 💔

Federico Bernardeschi may be banned for 30 days now because of Juventus' shady contracts! I wonder when that 30 day period starts?

With Ike Ugbo potentially on the move to the Championship and Cyle Larin on the move to La Liga hopefully we can see these two strikers get more playing time!

Major League Soccer is getting rid of their allocation order for returning players. This is a good step but all this does is let these players be limited by other dumb MLS rules, the discovery rights.

Is this the new Toronto FC jersey? If this is it I doubt I will be getting a new jersey this year!

Why don't they make pens without that clip on it? I don't ever use it. I don't carry pens in my front shirt pocket. But I will always break it off eventually and leave a sharp edge under it.

NYCFC have a pre-season game against Minnesota United FC today! When does Toronto FC play? Come on, give us something!

Theo Corbeanu is going to be joining Arminia Bielefeld in 2. Bundesliga on loan from Wolves.

I haven't been able to participate in any NBA TopShot challenges for a few months. Seems like they are targeting only whales now.

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