To all Mastodon-admins: seems like there's an attack on all instances by troll accounts. Servers get slow because of it.
They use thousands of subdomains of My 'pull' queues skyrocketed.

I now blocked the domain and all is back to normal. Please check if you're hit too.

How would #AI convince the world to push through the #TwitterMigration to migrate from #Twitter to #Mastodon? I sense slight sarcasm in its sign-off.

Davies, David, Eustáquio and Buchanan are a good base for next World Cup. Hope we see more stars come through to build on that.

It's not enough to squat a Mastodon handle that you never use.

It's not enough to automatically repost your Twitter timeline.

You have a chance to be part of something new. Something important. To shape it in the right way.

With all of us.

Breathe life into *this* community and *this* network by posting here, creating here, connecting here.

Be here now.

Goals scored in the Men's World Cup before this one: 0
Goals scored in the Men's World Cup now: 2


The fact that SBF admitted he gave just as much to the Republicans as the Democrats shows that these payments had nothing to do with supporting policies of a certain political party. These payments were absolutely for political favours.

How can anybody think this is democratic?

I'm always happy when I see examples of people "in crypto" doing things that counter the "all crypto is bad" narrative, e.g., Alona Shevchenko of Ukraine DAO:

"Crypto remains a controversial subject for many people.

But in the early days of the full scale invasion, crypto was there for Ukraine's defence when no one else was.

Ukraine DAO made the largest donation to BackAndAlive in the Foundation's history - $4m."

RT @DAZNFootball
An all-female refereeing trio will take charge for the first time at a men's #FIFAWorldCup in the match between Costa Rica and Germany 🙌

Referee Stéphanie Frappart will be joined by assistants Neuza Back and Karen Diaz.

RT @offsidetwice
The absolute irony of Canadian media being furious that Davies doesn't talk to them, after decades of Canadian media ignoring Canadian women's and men's soccer.

Flickr CEO Don MacAskill (@d0n) is currently running a poll to decide whether to add #ActivityPub to :flickr: Flickr to join the #fediverse (Mastodon, Pixelfed, Peertube, etc.)
Make your voice heard:
Poll on Twitter too:

Remember this has good and bad repercussions whether you use Flickr or not, it would be the first time an old giant joins us but also would bring many many new issues we would have to face together. Please boost for reach!

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"The number of #Chinese users across instances of the decentralized social media platform #Mastodon has grown nearly 50 per cent this year as social media crackdowns at home drive some to look for other places to express themselves."

PSA: Do Not Use Services That Hate The Internet. As you look around for a new social media platform, I implore you, only use one that is a part of the World Wide Web. tl;dr avoid Hive and Post. If posts in a social media app do not have URLs that can...

Our history-maker. Still proud of you, @AlphonsoDavies

If one of Elon Musk's reasons for acquiring Twitter was to influence elections then we need to look at who helped him get the capital for this purchase. These are likely people who will use their money to influence politics more in the future.

It looks like Lemmy didn't get the boost like Mastodon did with the migration from the other site.

I guess people are waiting until money and power ruin Reddit before that happens.

Alistair Johnston Moving to Celtic FC would be a great move for him! Seems pretty close.

As you're considering the other new Twitter alternatives, ask yourself if you really want to go to another corporate entity that could end up being just as bad as Twitter and Facebook. Algorithmic sites, by design, reward hate and outrage. You're jumping into another fire.

We have a rare and fleeting chance to build something different right now.

I'm choosing to spend my time trying to make this place succeed — helping new users and saving my best content for here.

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